I’m not the only one with the initials “JCA” in this family.  You might say it was meant to be when I met Carlos and we had the same initials.  We met here in Tampa 20 years ago at the University of South Florida.  After getting married in 1998, we moved out of state.  In 2013, we moved back to Florida.  It was the first time for our kids to live here.  Who would have known in 1998 that we would ever return with four kids?  We’re enjoying the Florida life with lots of beach days, afternoons in the pool and season passes for some of the amusement parks.

Although, my parents do not have the JCA initials, they are still part of the team.  (Well they gave me the A to begin with so I guess that counts.)  I can’t tell you how many times my parents have watched the kids so I could get a training run completed or taken care of the kids for me to race.  With Carlos’ schedule, races would be difficult or impossible without my parents’ help.  In this Florida heat, my mom has saved me a few times on training runs driving the streets looking for me to make sure I had water.  Mom’s are the best!  I have to give her full credit here…she was also pretty amazing to take care of the kids on a week’s notice when I was desperate to have surgery to repair my meniscus.

There is more to come on the rest of the JCA team and a few friends

that make running a lot more fun!

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