Up until 2012, I had only run in 5K races.  I was only running occasionally and definitely had never tried speed work.  Finally in 2012 for Mother’s Day, I got my first Garmin.  Never did I realize how it would change the jewelry I wore forever!  I also ran my first half marathon. Someone told me it would be impossible for me to break 1:40 in my first half marathon…HA! That lit my competitive side and I completed it in 1:37:46.

I went outside of my comfort zone last season and used some races as tempos and opportunities to train for my “A” races.  There is a learning curve to racing and I feel like I’m learning something new with each race.  Racing in Florida is a different beast altogether with the heat and humidity.    Training in it isn’t much better!  Most days I look like I’ve gone swimming instead of running.  It isn’t a lot of fun on summer days when it is 81 degrees at 5:30 am.  I’m anxious to travel to a race in search of some cooler temperatures.  So if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  Think FAST courses! I’m willing to travel if logistically I can manipulate my family’s schedule that consists of 2 cross country runners, 2 soccer players and an ER physician…I’m last man on the totem pole in terms of racing and fun!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world because there is nothing better than being apart of everything they do.

Here are some of my recent race results:


11/26/2015  Wiregrass Wobble Turkey Trot 5K  19:46 / 6:21, 1st masters, 5th woman

12/05/2015  Little Markou 5K  20:12  1st masters, 4th female

2/22/2016 Gasparilla 5K  21:04  22nd female, 3rd in age group


02/22/2015  Gasparilla 15K  1:05:21  26th female, 8th in age group(35-39)

02/20/2016  Gasparilla 15K  1:02:55 / 6:45  9th female overall

1/2 Marathon

01/25/2015  Celebration Half Marathon  1:32:24 3rd female

02/22/2015  Gasparilla Half Marathon  1:36:20, 8th in age group, 29th female

12/13/2015  Florida Holiday Halfathon  1:33:07, 7th female, 1st Masters

01/16/2016  St. Pete Beach Classic  1:31:09, 1st female

3rd place for 3 years at Celebration Marathon and Half Marathon

01/31/2016  Celebration Half Marathon 1:30:44, 3rd female

02/21/2016  Gasparilla Half Marathon 1:31:47, 13th female, 3rd in age group


12/08/2012 Rocket City Marathon  4:08:42

01/12/2013  Walt Disney World Marathon  3:49:19  42nd in age group

12/01/2013  Space Coast Marathon 3:32:45 BQ  1st in age group, 10th female

01/26/2014  Celebration Marathon 3:23:13 BQ, 3rd female

04/20/2015  Boston Marathon  3:25:26 BQ

10/25/2015  Marine Corps Marathon  03:16:48 BQ, 5th in Age Group, 48th female

11/29/2015  Space Coast Marathon  03:18:32 BQ, 1st in Age Group, 7th female 

04/18/2016 Boston Marathon 3:16:22 BQ, 499th female  (The HERD women’s 

team was 14th.)

Wiregrass Wobble 5K 2016  

Both kids had great races.  

Javier ran a 21:50 and Jacquelyn broke 19.

Gasparilla 2016

4 races  --- 30.4 miles

Overall pace for the weekend 6:55

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