Nonstop Weekend

This JCA family was on the go this weekend!

Saturday morning started with an 8 mile run for me and 7 for Jacquelyn. This is considered a long run for her. I tend to adjust my weekend training based on the kids' activity schedules. She had an awesome run. Long runs in the neighborhood used to freak her out and not go well. So I had a plan to break up the miles on Saturday with 3 different out and backs to break down the mileage and for her not to deal with mind games. It worked perfect and the run was EASY for her. Just love sharing the miles with her and to have this bond of running!

By 8:30 I had to have my little guy on the soccer field for his game! Talk about a quick shower! Plus I managed I breakfast for everyone! Breakfast didn't go well when the little guy dumped his waffles with whip cream all over the floor! Things like that always seem to happen when we are short on time.

He played on the field during the first half! It is amazing to see him grasp the game. He scored the first goal for his team! During the second half, he played keeper. I can't believe I might have another keeper on my hands! Such a stressful position for a mom!

ON THE GO...2 hour drive to Winter Springs for the next soccer game. Javi had an awesome game! I think I'm too nervous during his games to take pictures!

We were packed for the night because we had Disney plans after the soccer game. We get to lunch and realize that Juan Carlos didn't have any shoes besides for his soccer cleats! All I can say is that he is the youngest of four and that is how we roll! Off to Target I went during Javi's warm ups to buy shoes! Being the youngest of four, he is always having a moment. He lost another tooth at lunch! I don't know how he eats or talks!

We were all exhausted but couldn't resist a chance to use our Disney passes. It was our first chilly night! Check out our sweatshirts! Disney is already decorated for Christmas!

The kids slept in the next morning and enjoyed the huge buffet breakfast at the hotel while I skipped out for my long run. My husband grew up in Orlando and one of his closest childhood friends, Mike still lives there. Mike helped me prepare for my first marathon and ran Disney with me. I think we can laugh over my stubbornness not to listen to him during that training and jumped the gun with my first marathon 4 weeks before Disney. Still one of the dumbest things I've done! I should have listened and stuck with the plan. So when I decided to run Disney in January, I couldn't help but try to talk him into running it too! He has since been coaching soccer and basically retired from running and triathlons. I'm so excited that he has decided to run Disney and of course the beast is getting back into shape fast. On the way out to the clay loop, we saw the fireworks for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon start! So funny to see that as we started our morning! We had an awesome 16 miler on the 10 mile clay loop just north of Disney.

We went back to the hotel and I stuffed myself with an omelette. That hotel breakfast worked out perfect!

On the rest for this momma. A couple of hours at Animal Kingdom.

Jacquelyn still had 6 miles and 8 striders on her schedule for the day! We stopped by a cross country course in Lakeland for her run. It is a challenging course that she often races at, so we figure the more she practices on it, the more comfortable she gets on it. Running is 50 percent physical and 50 percent mental!

All the JCAs got in some miles! I was exhausted and could barely keep up with the little boys. She desperately wanted me to keep her company on the second loop but my legs were toast from the clay trails and my breathing was way off. I can't seem to manage my breathing on afternoon runs. I always seem winded.

I had a great time with the kids but man the weekend was nonstop! Sure glad to slow down on Monday with them in school!

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