Turkey and Running

I still do not feel recovered from Thanksgiving and am already really stressed with Christmas approaching faster than I can be ready. Kids only have 2 and half weeks of school before they are out for winter break! Insert a super stressed out Mom face here! And I'm training for a marathon??? I used to get our Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving but since moving to Florida, it hasn't happened! Right now, I don't know when I'm getting the decorations out!!!

This is what is happening this week...LAUNDRY. I barely got any laundry done the entire week of Thanksgiving. I've been doing laundry for 3 days!

So you got the Space Coast Half recap...but I also ran the Wiregrass Wobble on Thanksgiving Day. I had never turkey trotted before last year! A lot of the kids and coaches from Jacquelyn's team runs this particular turkey trot so we joined the party last year.

Just like last year, it was a bit cooler the morning of the race, not as cool as last year, but not bad. After a fast season of cross country, Jacquelyn attempted to train for 3 additional weeks for this race. Unfortunately her Osgood-Schlatter's came back and she got sidelined to aqua running. She attempted some speed and tempo workouts but couldn't hit any fast times and even in one of the workouts had to completely stop due to limping so bad. Rest and aqua running really proved to work for her.

I knew how badly she wanted a PR at this race! I was pretty nervous for her the morning of the race but tried not to act like it. I really just ignored the fact that we were driving to a race and even left her at the truck as soon as we arrived at the venue. I told her, "I have a 2 mile warm up. See you at the line!" And off I went after a quick photo.

I really, really didn't think she'd break 20 with how badly the workouts had gone. I made a deal with her several months ago that if she wanted to go with me to the Boston Marathon that she had to break 18:30 in the 5K. I told her if she did it this year...great. If not, no big deal, she'll break it next year. So as soon as I crossed the finish line...she said, "I'm going to Boston!!!" What??? 18:26

The kid is CRAZY fast! 20 second PR for her!

As crazy as this sounds, I did not intend to go out there and push this run at all. I didn't want to do anything stupid before Space Coast and was really intending to run 6:30s. Well...before you know i, I'm picking people off but trying to stay comfortable. I really ignored my watch and as I started to round the corner of the shopping mall, I could see the clock. A few curse words entered my mouth because I really didn't want to run fast. I figured if I picked it up then I was probably going to PR! Sure enough...19:39...a 7 second PR.

Can you believe I managed to host almost 20 people at my house for a Thanksgiving lunch! It wasn't ideal but Carlos had to work at 4 on Thanksgiving. Luckily I spent most of Wednesday cooking and preparing the house! Even the turkey was cooked on Wednesday and was still really moist on Thursday! I came home from the race at 10...awards and socializing! I turned both ovens onto 225 and bam our Thanksgiving meal was prepared!

Excuse the foil pans but it sure made the prep and clean up easier! Dinner rolls, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn soufflé, macaroni and cheese, roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potato casserole, black beans, rice, green bean casserole and turkey! A lot of food but so yummy.

On Friday, I left to go to my parents since I was racing near them on Sunday. The kids love getting a quick trip to the zoo when we are over there. I love the

Brevard Zoo!!! They have new zebras!!!<3

After 3 races in 2 weeks, I'm absolutely done until Disney in January! Time to hit the gym and hit the miles!!! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Anyone else not have Christmas decorations up yet?

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