Christmas Teenagers

Is it really almost Christmas? I can not seem to get in the mood for holiday decorating when it is 80 something degrees outside and we are still wearing shorts! I was a sweaty mess getting down the Christmas decorations. The kids were total sweethearts and kept bringing me water. Forget my run this morning in 78 degrees. It may sound lovely to those of you running in snow, but we are still dealing with dehydration and sweat!!!

I had a rough week of running! I was pretty sick and many of my runs had me walking home. It definitely has me concerned about where I stand in preparation for Disney. I'm just taking this week one run at a time and will hopefully revaluate my training after this week.

To start the holiday festivities, you need food! There is something about French toast around here that makes it feel like Christmas! I like to make my French toast with eggnog! Kids loved it! Only problem was that there were 2 pieces leftover on Monday morning and 4 kids fighting over those 2 pieces. The oldest was MAD when one of the younger brothers scored what she thought was hers.

We decorated our traditional gingerbread houses!

Instead of hot cocoa while putting the tree up, we opted for some Publix Peppermint ice cream! We crushed some extra peppermint to sprinkle on top!

I was absolutely dreading putting the tree up. My big kids came to the rescue! They assembled the tree themselves! It was very surreal because it made me realize how old the kids were! I seriously have 2 teenagers!!! It feels so sad that they've grown up so quickly but at the same time, I look at them and feel such joy with what wonderful and kindhearted people that they have become. It just made my weekend perfect watching them work together. It made me remember when they were little and played for hours together.

Christmas definitely brings out my nostalgic side and reminds me of how quickly the children are growing up and how our lives are changing. Here is a little recap down memory lane.

Jacquelyn's first Christmas...she was only 4 weeks old.

Oh how they have all grown up! They aren't babies anymore! Maybe I'll get a picture for 2016 before next week's post! In the meantime, may your miles be merry and bright!

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