Weekend Wrap - 4 weeks til Disney

This whole week of running has continued to be survival mode. I can't seem to knock this cough and it is still sending me into fits during the day and on my runs. That 17 miler on Sunday was a challenge with the random coughing fits.

Here is a look at my runs this week:

Monday AM 4 miles @ 7:35 on treadmill at the gym

strength training - back, triceps and core (1hour)

PM 4 miles @ 8:44 in the neighborhood with Jacquelyn running and looking at Christmas lights.

Tuesday 10 miles @ 7:50

strength training - lower body

Wed 8 miles @ 7:34

Thursday 6 miles @ 7:35, first 3 miles were controlled around 7:50, then negative split the last 3 7:46, 7:16, 6:53

strength at gym (1hour)

Friday 10 miles @ 8:35 with Heather

20 minutes core

Saturday 7 miles @ 8:13 with Jacquelyn

Sunday 17 miles @7:10


Temperature dropped Saturday morning and I didn't think it was worth a 5am wake up for 7 miles. Lucky for me, Jacquelyn didn't get her run done in the morning either. I'm so lucky to have a built in running partner. Neither of us were feeling those miles but we got through them together. Can't say it enough, but I love her so much!

Sunday morning was the test! Where did I stand on this Disney training? I may have just run 2 half marathons but my workouts have been gone because of these two colds I've had. I'm happy to say that I came in at an overall pace of 7:10 which included a warm up mile at 7:53. I'm feeling better about Disney but still not satisfied. This run wasn't easy like it probably would have been a few weeks ago. I had to work to hit those splits. Luckily my friend Jacki texted me Saturday night and joined me for half of the run. I must admit that eased my mind Saturday night knowing I was going to have her to run with. Even better, she's so fast that when I settled into the low 7s, she didn't even question the pace! Gotta love runs with her!

Just loved that the second I pulled into the garage that this little face came running out to greet me! Although, his first question was, "did you bring me home a donut?"

Came home and was craving orange juice.

And I made these delicious pancakes with eggnog and added bananas and blueberries! These pancakes are the bomb!

I may have smiled for this picture, but I was absolutely dead after that run! Shortly after eating this, I crawled back into bed for an hour!

This week is a different race altogether to get ready ready for Christmas before the kids go on winter break! Wish me luck in getting a million things done!

How is YOUR training going with the holidays?

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