Weekly Workouts - Ski Week

Weekly Workouts

Monday - No workout

Managed to get my steps in by walking around the airport.

Tuesday - Skied

7.60 miles @7:51 pace

4 X 25 push ups

Wednesday - 3 miles on treadmill 8:40, 7:40, 7:30

Strength 75 minutes

Thursday - Skied

4 x 50 squats

Friday - 8 miles 8:07, 3@7:08, 8:04, 6:57, 7:42, 7:35

Strength 1 hour

Saturday - Planning to ski

Sunday - Flying home.

Total 18.6 miles and 2 hrs, 15 minutes strength

Seriously a low mileage week! YIKES!

Carlos and I flew back to Park City for a week. We always bring the kids for a week and then spend a week out here alone. 18 years and 4 kids...we need alone time. We rarely can cuddle on the couch at home without a child getting between us and dinners for two are almost impossible with Carlos' ER schedule and the kids' sports schedule. Since he works crazy hours and has all kinds of meetings, we seem to go days that we only pass one another or even crazier, he is coming home from work as I leave to go for my early morning runs. To say the least, we look forward to this week every year!

Enjoying first class after the computers at Delta shut down and our flight got cancelled in Atlanta. It took us 30 hours to get to Park City after leaving Tampa. No luggage, no clothes, no toiletries...and did I forget to mention that we were stuck on the plane for 3 hours on the tarmac because they couldn't find a place to unload the plane.

Hundreds of people in line to rebook their flights and to get hotel vouchers.

A few sweet moments together.

My piriformis has been hurting so on one of the days that I didn't ski, I went to Massage Envy for a massage. I totally understand those of you who cringe over the thought of someone touching you. I get it! But I'll tell you that since running, I just see it as part of the training and recovery process. I will say that this is the best that I've felt in a few weeks, so I'll take it. The nice thing about Massage Envy is that they are nationwide. This one in Park City was less than 5 miles from my resort and there is one in Tampa less than 5 miles from my house.

Park City is known for skiing but the restaurants out here are pretty incredible.

Delicious brussel sprouts above from High West Distillery and a few delicious drinks.

With all of those calories consumed, I managed some kind of workout each day. The miles stayed easy for the most part this week again. I sucked a lot of wind. I either have A) already lost fitness B) running at altitude sucks C) I don't do well on the treadmill.

I really appreciate having a nice gym facility at the resort.

Has anyone gone from sea level to altitude for a race? I'd be so nervous!


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