Florida Misery

It is officially summer in Florida and the temperature just says HOT! It was 78 degrees last night at 10:30 when I went to bed and 73 degrees when I ran at 5:30. It is unbelievable the amount of sweat I produce!

Looks like my days of running after school drop off are a thing of the past unless it is on the treadmill at the Y. However, I do plan on incorporating a run once a week on the treadmill. It’ll help me sleep til 6:45 once a week rather than a 4:45 am wake up after a late evening of running the kids around to practices. I have to give myself options with training and I don’t think I’ve utilized the treadmill the way I should. Heather has been encouraging me for a long time to try it. As much as I hate it, I’m really going to give it a try.

I’m definitely back out running again and feel completely out of shape. HOW??? I just ran a marathon! Ughhhh…let’s just say I’m back at this. I do have some goals in mind and they are not all PR driven right now…beach season is only days away and I have bikini goals to be a bit firmer than years past. We’ll see but in the mean time I’m working my butt off in the gym. Depending on how my running goes then I might consider a summer half marathon! In the past year, I've had a lot of luck with hard work in the gym resulting in running strength.

I'm still busy as ever with the track team. These crazy girls went for a run in this Florida heat mid day and melted. Luckily they had their phone to let me know that they were 5 minutes away from my house and heading to me! To say the least...I drove them home after they hopped in the pool. Oh and after we had an orange and Greek yogurt smoothie.

The following has nothing to do with running except Jacquelyn missed practice...since my kids were little, we’ve preached, "do not slam doors!" If their fear of their father hasn’t scared them from slamming a door, then his ER stories surely have scared them. Imagine when I got a call from the school nurse that Jacquelyn’s finger had been slammed in a door? All I could think about was that it was a bunch of teenage girls horse playing at PE. Nope, it was the teacher that slammed the door. Carlos was heading to work so he took her with him. He x-rayed it, cleaned it up and gave it a stitch. Let me tell you she was in pain! The funny thing was that when I picked her up in the ER, each his colleagues had a story about a finger slammed in a door. Let’s just say bad stuff can happen, so remind your little people to keep their hands out of doors. Yes, I may have had to beg him to change the AC filters in the house this weekend, but boy does he come out with a win when he fixes the kids!

I plan on hitting the gym this week and getting in a few miles. Hope the rest of you are enjoying some spring temperatures.

Anyone have a summer race on the horizon?

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