Weekly Wrap - Father's Day Edition

I had a fantastic day yesterday and it wasn't even my day...it was all about Father's Day. I just loved getting to spend the weekend with Carlos and my four kiddos. Honestly I look at the five of them and my heart is so full! Carlos was off this weekend, which is something that we always treasure considering he is often at the hospital on the weekends.

On Saturday, he created a "clean" playlist for the cross country team. The girls love jamming as we run and he is definitely a music guru. One of his favorite things to do is name that tune. By the way, that part of my brain does not function and that is where we are polar opposites.

Saturday evening was The Hero's Gala to benefit the St. Joseph's Children's Hospital. It definitely had quite the crowd there including most of the Steinbrenner Family. They were able to raise enough money to buy an additional pediatric transport ambulance. I stink at taking pictures but eventually I'll get the hang of it for this blog. It was circus themed and just really fun. There was a very large silent auction and lots of circus themed games. We ended the evening at Krispy Kreme donuts and grabbed 2 dozen to pay our babysitters and their little brothers.

Sunday was an awesome beach day at Honeymoon Island. With our super wet Florida weather these days, I did my research ahead of time and knew the beaches the furthest north would have the least chance of rain. We couldn't haven asked for prettier skies. We took the skimboard out for the first time and the kids had so much fun playing on it, not to mention that they were pretty entertaining to watch on it. We'll be buying another board this week! I grew up minutes from the beach so living in Florida and being 45 minutes from the ocean just feels too far away! These Florida kids need to work on their tans!

Here are a few throwback pictures of my sweetheart and the 4 kiddos that complete us! As you can see he is definitely the fun one and things would be way too boring around here without him!

Jacquelyn was just a few weeks old in this picture with Carlos!

This is a throwback to 2009...Carlos feeding Juan Carlos rice cereal.

There were always a lot of shenanigans behind the boat on Lake Guntersville in Alabama.

Fun times at Universal Studios!

Of course Carlos is always our fearless leader on the ski slopes!

Just love this picture of the kids piled on him!

Daddy Donut Day with Javi in kindergarten!

One last thing before I end this weekly wrap and that is a wrap on my training! I haven't been slacking, just building my base!

Monday - 4.10 miles of trail running at 8:27 pace in the AM, 2.6 miles in the PM with Joaquin

Tuesday - 5.12 miles at 7:48 pace

Wednesday - 7 miles at 7:41 pace, strength training

Thursday - 7.3 miles at 8:17 pace, strength training

Friday - 7 miles at 7:35 pace, focused on the legs at the gym, followed with core and 20 minutes of stretching

Saturday - 7 miles at 8:10 pace

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Anyone else suffering in the heat and humidity?

#beach #fathersday

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