Weekly Wrap - Summer Edition

Weekly workouts Monday - 10.57 miles 6am - 2 sets of (6 x 200) miles total 7:30 am trail miles with xc team

lower body strength and core Tuesday - 6 miles @ 8:21

shoulders, triceps and core Wednesday - 6 miles at 7:35

leg workout at home-

3 minutes of jumping rope

2 sets of hops, fast feet, squats on the ball

3 sets (Squats on Bosu alternating with 10-12 jumping squats with 10 lb. weight)

1st set squats - 50 reps with no weight

2nd and 3rd set - 30 reps with 15 lbs in each hand

Single dead lifts on Bosu with 15lb weights in each hand (3 sets of 20) - alternating with jumping lunges

Leg lifts lying on side of large ball with ankle weights

Donkey kicks with ankle weights

Glute lifts

Sit ups and Russian twists on Bosu

Thursday -

6am 6 miles

7:45am 4 miles @ 8:39

Core and push ups with the team

Then 1 mile on the treadmill.

Friday - 5am - 6 miles at 8:22 with Heather 6:30am - Biceps, back and core at the gym 8am - 5 miles @ 8:16 with Jacquelyn

Saturday - total rest day

Sunday - 25 minutes of walking and jogging around the resort's lazy river including against the current...honestly it was a good active recovery workout.

Total mileage - 45.57

Here is a look at my run with Jacquelyn on Friday. I was tired and she wasn't feeling the run but I do love how the run was perfectly negative split without ever looking at our splits.

Cross country base training has begun so we are meeting 5 days a week to run. Here is a picture of us trying muscle milk. It isn't my favorite but I like to remind the kids to fuel their recovery. One of the girls came over this week and we made lemon blueberry scones from Shalane's cookbook as seen in the picture. They were really good.

We went on a family nature walk on Wednesday and then had some ice cream and Italian ice from Jeremiah's. Always too many sweets with the dr and kids!

I took the kids to an aqua park on Thursday and they had a blast. They loved the obstacle course especially after watching American Ninja Warrior this summer. They also took paddle boards out for the first time.

A girl only has a birthday once a year so I'll wrap up the birthday weekend tomorrow!

Hope everyone is having a great summer and staying cool on your runs!


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