Two times 21!

Yes, I was sadly reminded this weekend that I was twice 21!  Age is just a number! 

The best part of a summer birthday is getting to getaway on my birthday. We went to Destin for my 30th. We went to Hershey, Pennsylvania a few years ago and it was one of my favorite family vacations. On my 40th birthday we went to Marco Island, Florida. I just love getting away on my birthday. No presents necessary...I'm not a gift type of girl. I simply love escaping the everyday household chores and time with my family. 

Totally bummed but I couldn't find those birthday pictures.  I think they are on one of my external drives that I have put away.  Here are a few throwbacks of the kids from the Hershey/Baltimore/DC trip.  

This year we just skipped over to Orlando for a long weekend at the Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort. I have great running memories at Bonnet Creek since I've stayed there both times that I have run the Disney Marathon. We hung out at the resort a lot more than I thought we would. The kids loved the breakfast buffet and we overdid the carb loading on the scones. The kids just loved the lazy river and they were anything but lazy, running through it and chasing each other. We spent most of the day by the pool and then went to a theme park at night. 

Little guy decorated me a special  birthday waffle.  

We went to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Epcot! Let's just say I'm a good planner and we scored some nice fast passes! I love coming over for a relaxing weekend and just spending a few hours in the park at a time. I don't know how people spend an entire day at a park. 

By chance, I saw on FB that some friends of ours from our days in Kansas City were at Disney. I texted them and we spent a fun evening catching up with them. It was amazing how we picked up right where we left off. Back in the days they did not have any children and we only had Jacquelyn. Life has changed! We took up an entire dinosaur car at Animal Kingdom! What a treat to get to catch up with them! 

Carlos surprised me with a birthday cake after work on Monday from Whole Foods. Unfortunately my favorite girl made a mistake with the camera and we didn't realize it until the cake was almost gone. It wasn't that we did anything amazing on my birthday or I got an incredible birthday gift but I got the best gift of all...spending time with my family and being loved by all of them. They really are sweet with me. I couldn't walk down the hall of the hotel or through the theme park without someone holding my hand. They fought over who got to sit next to me on rides. Even on a normal day I rarely go an hour in the day without a hug or kiss from one of them. Sometimes I even complain about being smothered but I really should always remember how lucky I am because I am very loved by those 5! Blessed. Grateful. Just hoping that 42 is my best year yet! The fastest year yet would be nice! 

No matter what, I just hope for more quality time with my loved ones. A dear friend lost her husband today and it just reminded me to hug my family a little tighter. Her husband was a physician and they had 4 children similar in age to mine. My heart is breaking for them.  Hug each of yours tighter tonight. 


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