Back to School

Happy August and Back to School! It was a very different summer for me because Jacquelyn was base building for high school cross country. It consisted of mileage, core and aqua jogging. I am super excited to be the assistant coach of this team and on this journey with her. She has a pretty special team of talented girls.

Lots of summer miles on the trail with them. I definitely put my training goals aside and just ran with them. Not to mention how difficult summer training is with the heat and humidity.

2 days a week we meet at the Y and run a cross country loop or do an easy treadmill day followed by core, stretching and aqua jogging. Gotta love them! Can you tell how much fun we have?

We went to running camp for 7 days in Brevard, North Carolina. There were team challenge activities everyday.

We had beautiful runs in the forests. They were rocky, steep and tough. I had to remind myself that pace was only a perception of effort.

Everyday was a different theme! Zebra day was obviously my favorite!

The picture below is from one of our long Saturday runs on a cross country course in Lakeland. It is a challenging course and we did the 5k loop 3 times for a total of 10 that day! We breaked for water after the 2nd loop. Our pace averaged just under 8 for the 10 miles. I was super proud of them because they slayed that course!

Heather got to join us for some miles on the trail too this summer! They love saving her from treadmill miles!

It should be an exciting year for these Eagles! We have big dreams and goals!

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