More Miles in Tampa

I'm not sure where I am in this cycle of running. No doubt that I ran a lot of miles for someone without a race on the calendar! I'm really happy to see my speed coming back.

Some highlights of the week were cruising on the treadmill on a random run and hitting a 6:35 and 6:15 mile. Then on Friday, I managed my first real attempt at a tempo in ages and hit 4 miles @ 6:40, then cranked down the 5th mile until I hit 5:55 for the last .15. I've never used the treadmill quite this much but I needed to escape the heat some this week.

I ran my longest run since April on Sunday with my friend, Bob, who is training for MCM. We had a few friends that I haven't run with in ages jump in for a few miles. I've been pretty removed from my old running partners since I've been running with Jacquelyn and the team so much. It was nice to catch up with those guys. There were a few fluid stops which is not my norm during training but since I haven't officially started, then it didn't matter to me. No to mention, that it was so humid! The last 6 or 7 miles were nonstop and solid work with negative splits 7:44, 7:43, 7:41, 7:36, 7:27 and 7:16. I'm not exactly sure how I pulled that run off with an overall average of 7:41! That was crazy that it was my first long run of that distance since probably April! 10 miles became 12, 12 became 13 and before you knew it, I helped him run almost 16 of his 18 miles.

I hit a total of 68.67 miles for the week! That is a lot of mileage! I got in a lot of core and strength. Stronger today, faster tomorrow!

Pretty geeky picture of the JCA family, but thanks to Heather we had special eclipse glasses!

Speaking of Heather...we got in a pretty good 10 miler on Thursday!

We had our first cross country race of the season on Friday night! It was Jacquelyn's first high school meet! We've thought about her running in high school for quite some time and we were super excited for this first race.

Less than 10 minutes before the start, the rain came! It lightened up some during the race but afterwards it rained even harder and stormed.

Jacquelyn and Lydia cruising through the first lap of the course! #solesisters #besties

The girls worked together in this race. You may think of running as an individual sport but obviously it takes team work!

Our first year as a xc team and our first team win! Super proud of these girls!

The JCA family wasn't done racing for the weekend. Joaquin ran a 13:21 3K at Holloway on Saturday morning. It was a full one minute PR from last season. I think he has more speed in those legs because he went out way too slow and was flying that last mile!

Hope everyone is having an awesome week of running! It looks like a wet week of running for those of us in Florida!

#Eaglenation #Running #crosscountry #Heather

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