Thankful for November

So thankful for some early season cool temperatures! Fall just hasn't been the same since moving back to Florida. I miss those beautiful trees in my backyard in Alabama!

I was getting very frustrated with myself training because I wasn't running fast in the heat. These sub 70 temps in the morning couldn't have come sooner! We didn't just get sub 70 temps, but some 40s and 50s were sprinkled in as well! Say whaaaatttt???? Almost too quick of a temperature drop considering our normal 70 degree mornings! My first day running in the new temps had my legs moving but lungs asking what was going on. I was fine the whole time, jamming to my tunes and bam when I stopped, I had a nonstop cough. My lungs were not adjusted to this cool dry weather. Talk about painful afterwards!

I am happy to say that I'm back seriously training again and hitting some strong paces. There is more consistency to my schedule and I'm back on a training plan. The cooler temperatures have allowed me to run after I drop the boys off at school and still get some needed sleep. It is always a balance in coaching, training and sleeping for me. I have two soccer practice pick ups at 9 at night during the week. Let me just say my blood pressure was rising Thursday night when the coach still hadn't dismissed the boys at 9:20! My mileage was super high in October. I hit 273.3 miles! I think that high mileage is a huge piece of my legs getting stronger. Earlier in the month, I struggled to run 14 miles at a 7:30 and two weeks later, I was able to nail it easily without stopping. Actually the next Saturday, I ran 16 in decent winds at a 7:30 pace without stopping and felt pretty comfortable.

I've also backed off so many double runs and have gotten on the bike for cross country practice. As much as I enjoy pacing workouts with the girls and running with them, I need to be on my plan. I did pace a 5K on Sunday. It was directed by one of my favorite running friends and coaches, Jacki to support her cross country team at Pasco Hernando State College. I told Joaquin and my girls that I'd run a 21 minute flat and they could pace off of me. Joaquin previously ran a 23:03 in March. I'm so proud of that kid because he ran a PR of 21:18 on Sunday. His splits were 6:40, 6:53, 6:51 and the last .17 @ 5:28. He does some of the workouts and runs with my team but not too structured for him. If he has a long day at school and is tired, he doesn't run that day. If he plays outside for hours, he doesn't run that day. I will say though if he has a chance to hang onto Jacquelyn's pack for a run, he might hang on!

Juan Carlos insisted on coming to the race to support his big brother! Love those brothers!

EagleNation came home with some hardware! Proud of each girl for her handwork

Speaking of those Eagle girls...back in July when I went to running camp with the cross country team, it felt like the state xc race was so far away. Now we are only 4 days away. There is no doubt that my girls have put in the work and are ready for these next two races. They've already accomplished so much! Now it is time for them to believe in themselves. "I can do HARD things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13

What a all began with summer miles and a week in North Carolina to build our base.

I’m still so excited that we won the county championship over some very talented teams. We went on to win districts.

Then a win at regionals for both our boys and girl teams! Both teams are very talented.

As we go into states, we focus on the importance of the team. First up on that list was being and nails! Then onto one last workout.

These two are a little power duo when they are side by side!

It took me months to balance my training and being the assistant coach to the girls. I love sharing my love of running with those Eagles! It is so much more than running!

Here is a glance of my mileage the previous week.

Monday 8 miles @ 7:50

Tuesday 8 X 800 with 2 min rest on treadmill, 7 @ 6:03, last one @ 5:52, 4.37 PM miles with the team

Wednesday 10 miles

Thursday XC District Race, only coaching miles, I had 6 miles of steps before I left the race.

Friday 8.87 miles @7:16 with Jacki, 4.5 treadmill miles 6:44, 644, 6:44, 6:31

Saturday Middle School State XC Championship,

Sunday 16 @7:32miles with Jacki and Ryan

Total: 56.74 plus 2 xc races coaching miles

Last week:

Monday 8 miles @ 8:08 with Darcey Felt EASY

Tuesday 7.51 miles @ 7:02 pace, Ran 3 miles 7:07, 6:35, 6:34, then 1/2 mile EZ, 3 miles 7:01, 6:45, 6:28

4 miles PM @8:17 Eagle practice

Wednesday 4.1 miles at 8:33

Thursday 10.5 miles @7:23 wu,7:25,7:10, 7:25,7:29,7:03,6:58,6:44,6:31,7;38

2nd run later in the morning on the treadmill .5mile warm up, 6:35, 6:27

Friday Regional Race with Eagle Nation

Saturday 14 miles

5.5 miles in PM with Eagle Nation

Sunday 5K 21:05 6:35, 6:40, 6:39

Total: 59.61 miles plus 1 xc race coaching miles

May your miles be happy and feet fast this week!!!


Zebra Girl

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