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Since finishing the Disney Marathon, I can feel a few niggles. Potentially may have runner's knee going on with the right knee and my piriformis continues to be angry. I remember the exact moment that I felt my knee and right glute in the race...Animal Kingdom. The surface in the park that we were running on really hurt my body. Interestingly enough, I always complain about that park hurting my knees when I take the kids to Animal Kingdom for the day. I was thinking about my piriformis a lot this week and think it goes back to Boston 2016 when I ran on the torn meniscus and my right side compensated for the agony of the knee. It has worsened over time. Driving four active kids to activities is what really seems to make it angry. But if someone thinks I run a lot, I drive a ton! Am I a mom or a taxi driver?

I ran a little last week and did some strength training! Just loved being back in the gym since I had cut back on gym stuff the two weeks leading up to Disney. However, my body was still feeling those niggles. Heather convinced me to REST! Rest I can tackle my Boston marathon training.

That brings me to my vacation...perfect time to rest. Although it isn't complete rest, at least no running.

We are on our 13th annual family ski trip to Park City, Utah. We love Disney as all of you know with our frequent visits and annual passes, but The Canyons is truly our happiest place on earth. We have made so many memories out here together.

Kiddos in 2010

Carlos and I learned to ski as adults on the east coast at Snowshoe. We always talked about how much fun we were going to have later with kids on the slopes. Jacquelyn and Javi loved this place from the beginning! As the little boys began to ski, we wondered if they would love it as much as the rest of us. No doubt from their giddiness this week how much they love this like the older two kids. I was so worried this week that they would be too cold to have fun but when there is snow involved...there is always fun and snowball fights.

I spied on the two little boys in ski school yesterday and found them grouped together. They were having a blast! The instructor said that Juan Carlos was progressing quickly because he wanted to keep up with Joaquin. And not to mention, it is amazing how much they retain from year to year. They are both solid blue skiers! As for the older two, all of our years of visiting out here has paid off, they are incredible skiers.

Carlos and Jacquelyn had a Daddy/Daughter day on the slopes yesterday and spent most of their time on double blacks and blacks. Jacquelyn skied the double blacks perfectly and Carlos navigated his way down and was thankful each time he made it to the bottom!:) She keeps him challenged! I decided it was a good day to catch up on emails and stuff and stayed in...trying to REST!

Daddy/Daughter ski day above! There was even some hiking involved for fresh powder! Poor Carlos stuck with her!

In the meantime, I'm going to try and rest and keep my running shoes in my suitcase! Looking forward to the rest of our week out here together! So thankful for the chance to create these family memories!

Anyone else started spring marathon training?

Does anyone else have a traditional family vacation?

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